Capacity Building

Unlock the full potential of your NDIS journey with Prestige Care Australia's Capacity Building Supports.

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  • Increase your independence
  • Skill Development
  • Social and Community Participation

Prestige Care Australia: Your Partner in Empowering Independence and Elevating Quality of Life, One Support at a Time.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored support categories to match your goals

Experienced team to help you navigate your NDIS plan

Empowering you for a fuller participation in the community

Choice and Control

Training in Plan Management Decision-Making Skills Development

Gain the skills and confidence to manage your own NDIS plan and make informed decisions that align with your life goals.

Daily Activity

Therapy and Skill Development Mobility and Coordination Training

We offer various therapies aimed at enhancing your capacity to participate in daily activities. Let us help you improve your mobility and fine-tune your skills.

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